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Future Music - A festival of innovative music

1 – 10 Oct 2010

Musik der Jahrhunderte

Music for an entire region
Future Music - A festival of innovative music in the "KulturRegion" Stuttgart

The “Future Music” festival will take place in various towns and places in the Stuttgart region between the 1st and the 10th October 2010. It is organised by the "KulturRegion" Stuttgart in cooperation with Musik der Jahrhunderte and Netzwerk Süd. An innovative musical project will be created by a composer or team of artists for each participating place in the region.
The organisers want this festival to transport the audience to a new musical world. It opens a platform for discussion between contemporary art and society, a place for musical experimentation. The central issue is which artistic positions in particular a younger generation of composers and sound artists take up today in the debate with society. 

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