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25 Apr – 7 May 2010
Kaunas, Vilnius, KlaipÄ—da

Lithuanian Composers Union

Since 2002 the Jauna Muzika festival has been exploring the vast horizons of electronic/electroacoustic music and digital sound art by presenting the most innovative projects and pioneering artists who shape and expand the very concept of contemporary sound art today. This year, once again, the festival changes its format and name to become the JM_Sound Gallery divided into ten different events, exhibiting sound art as objects in a gallery.

JM_Sound Gallery is a platform that gives access to the sounds and music produced both by traditional acoustic/digital instruments and by employing most unconventional means including text data, various technical devices and even human body. Interdisciplinary approach lies at the very core of the festival’s programming which results in performances, combining movement, visuals and music.


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