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Time of Music Festival Finnland

30 Jun – 5 Jul 2015

Time of Music

Time of Music Festival in Finland is the oldest yearly event of classical contemporary music in Nordic countries, established by the composer Jukka Tiensuu in 1982. The festival takes place in the first half of July at Viitasaari, a little town situated on an island in Central Finland lake area. The idea of the festival is to explore new phenomenons within modern concert music and present emerging composers and performers to the Finnish audience. The program focuses on music written by living composers for soloists or ensembles up to chamber orchestra size. Most of the concerts are performed in local churches and schools, with the exception of yearly open air concerts in the abundant lake surroundings of the area. Along with top Finnish artists, the festival invites regurarly international soloists and ensembles (MusikFabrik, Neue Vokalsolisten, Diotima Quartet, etc.). The list of composers-in- residence invited to the festival to lead its composition seminar include Cage, Xenakis, Eötvös, Kagel, Lachenmann, Ferneyhough, Harvey, Holliger, and Aperghis, among others.

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