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Musica Nova Helsinki

6 – 14 Feb 2015

Musica Nova Helsinki


Musica nova Helsinki in Finland’s largest contemporary music festival. Held biennially, it presents the very latest music, composers now making their mark internationally, and contemporary classics. The festival’s new artistic director is the cellist Anssi Karttunen.

The next Musica nova Helsinki is held February 6–14, 2015.


The theme for Musica nova Helsinki 2015 is: Dialogues. Dialogues between composers and performers, teachers and students, music and its audiences, generations, and different genres.

The festival is a survey of contemporary music from around the world today. Most of the performed pieces have been written after 2000. The youngest generation of composers dialogues with the established masters. There will be many world premieres, many of the works will be played by their original performers, and some of the composers will appear in a dual role of as a performer, teacher or lecturer.

First encounters with great works of art and artists are life-changing experiences. We cannot know when such an opportunity will present itself, but our lives will be all the richer for the encounter. The ability to change does not depend on age or previous knowledge; all it requires an open mind, the right opportunity, and being there. For this reason, a festival such as Musica nova Helsinki is always significant for both novices and old hands, our 2015 festival presents numerous opportunities to join in music’s ongoing dialogue.

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