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Federazione CEMAT

Gisella Belgeri, President and General Manager

Via Boezio, 33
I-00193 ROME

T. 39-06-68809222
F. 39 06 6880 9340



Federazione CEMAT (Centri Musicali Attrezzati) was founded in 1996 by Gisella Belgeri, together with the Italian Research and Production Centres working on the application of computer technologies to music. CEMAT works as a rallying point for various independent experiences in the fields of research, creation and learning of contemporary and electro acoustic music.In 1999 the Italian Ministry of Culture recognized CEMAT as Institution for National Contem-porary Music Promotion. Thanks to this acknowledgement, CEMAT widened its field of action, now including the promotion of every expression of Italian contemporary musical creativity.
CEMAT is: Vice-president of C.I.M.E. (Confédération Internationale de Musique Electroacous-tique -C.I.M. Unesco); Member of ECPNM (European Conference of Promoters of New Music); Member of EFA (European Festivals Association); Member of AIAM-AGIS.

CEMAT promotes nationally and internationally new Italian music through:
- Sonora - Nuova musica italiana nel mondo project
- SIXE-Suono Italiano per l'Europa project
- Participation to national and international festivals
- Trials and competitions
- Seminars and workshops on scientific-musical matters
- Production of CDs, DVDs and publications
- Website and data bank
- Recording archive
- Score archive

Federazione CEMAT has the following tasks:
- the promotion and organization of conferences, study seminars and workshops on scientific -musical themes
- the support of Italian Electroacoustic Music Centers in all negotiations with national institutions
- the promotion of electroacoustic and computer music
- the support of activities of young musicians
- the promotion of Italian New Music abroad with the support of Ministry for Foreign Affairs (SONORA Project).

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