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Kosovar Center for New Music (KCNM)

Donika Rudi

Kroi I Bardhe D-V/9
10000 Prishtina

T. 377 44 115- 302
F. 38138540-813



KOSOVAR CENTER FOR NEW MUSIC (KCNM) is a project dedicated to promote new expressions and cultivate new tendencies in music: exploring new fields in music education, computer sound manipulation, editing and production of sounds. Its primary aim is: to promote contemporary Kosovar music in the country and abroad, stimulate creation and performance of Kosovar contemporary music.


KCNM is an open stage to composers, musicologists, performers who develops standard activities on several directions--organizes concerts, workshops, lectures and different trainings. KCNM cooperates with different world foundations, contemporary music centers with whom realizes joint concerts and projects. KCNM promotes and diffuses pieces from Kosovars' contemporary musicians and it also regularly publishes promotional CDs with music by Kosovar composers realized during the Festival ReMusica. KCNM is the organizer of Prishtina International Festival – ReMusica, held annually in May. Its initial mission since 2002, was the promotion of the contemporary music and conveying innovative expression in the art of music, through channels of different stylistic tendencies of the XX century. For a Newborn country, such as Kosovo is, it has had an enormous impact on the music lovers and others, thus creating a strong bond and making ReMusica the most protruding music festival in Kosovo. The interaction between ReMusica and its public has helped realize the need for broadening the margins, therefore resulting in enriching the Festival’s physiognomy by introducing the music of other stylistic eras, such as Renaissance, Baroque, Classicism, Romantics, and so on.

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Festival 22 – 30 May 2013 Prishtina International Festival - ReMusica 2013 Prishtina (UNK)
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