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Luxembourg Society for Contemporary Music

Marcel Wengler

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The LGNM ( Luxembourg Society for Contemporary Music), the Luxembourg section of the International Society for Contemporary Music (ISCM), was founded in 1983.

The aims of the LGNM are:
- to promote contemporary music, particularly that of Luxembourg;
- to organise concerts, conferences, workshops and events of any other kind designed to promote contemporary music;
- to develop exchanges and cooperation with national and international groups or organisa-tions which pursue similar aims;
- to set up a documentation centre for Luxembourg contemporary music;
- to extend its activities to all fields having a direct relationship with these aims.
Since its inception, the LGNM has tried to pursue these objectives by organising a large number of events of various kinds:
- Classics of the 20th century: This is an annual festival devoted to composers who have left their mark on the 20th century.
- Symphony concerts: Since 1993, the 10th anniversary of the founding of the LGNM, special concerts have been given by the Orchestre Philharmonique du Luxembourg, with Marcel Wengler conducting.
- Exchange concerts: Since 1995 the LGNM has been able to intensify its contacts with foreign partners and hold exchange concerts in Israel, Japan, Denmark and Romania. In addition, ensembles and soloists are regularly invited to concerts of contemporary music in Luxembourg.
- Festivals of Luxembourgish music: The three festivals which the LGNM has organised were mainly intended to bring Luxembourgish composers more to the attention of the public.
- Dedicatory concerts: In this series, the concerts are centred around a celebrated composer who is invited for the occasion to Luxembourg. Several world premie`res have thus seen the light of day, by Ivo Malec, Iannis Xenakis, Silvano Bussotti, Michael Tippett, Olivier Mess-siaen, George Crumb, Maurice Ohana and Witold Lutoslawski.

- LGNM Editions: Whereas most Luxembourg composers either publish on their own account or have their works published by international publishing houses to which they are affiliated, LGNM Editions basically promote Luxembourgish music via compact disc. Amongst the 16 CDs published to date, is the Anthology of Luxembourgish Music, comprising some 22 symphonic works by 16 Luxembourgish composers.
- Luxembourg Sinfonietta: The ensemble Luxembourg Sinfonietta, founded in 1999, has since been endeavouring to make contemporary music accessible to a wider public and to pres-ent Luxembourg composers, particularly abroad. Its first opportunity to pursue this goal was the World Exhibition in Hanover in 2000 where it represented compositions from Germany, France and Luxembourg, under the theme "Lucifer", for the German Pavilion's cultural pro-gram Expo 2000. Apart from a number of first performances, the Luxembourg Sinfonietta also plays the classics of the past century, as well as its own arrangements and orchestra-tions of existing works which thus attain a new dimension and importance.
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Luxembourg Society for Contemporary Music announces its 10th International Composition Prize for 2013


rainy days 2015, festival de musique nouvelle 24.–29.11.2015

rainy days 2015, festival de musique nouvelle 24.–29.11.2015

November 2015, Luxembourg

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Concert 20 Oct 2009 Luxembourg Sinfonietta / LGNM concert series Luxembourg (LUX)
Concert 17 Nov 2009 Luxembourg Sinfonietta / LGNM concert series Luxembourg (LUX)
Competition 10 – 11 Sep 2010 International Composition Prize Luxembourg 2010 Luxembourg (LUX)
Festival 6 Nov 2011 Mudam - Museé d'Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean Luxembourg (LUX)
Call 31 May – 6 Mar 2015 Festival ISCM-Musicarama 2015 Hong Kong Submission Deadline (LUX)
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