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Warsaw Autumn

Polish Composers' Union

at.: Tadeusz Wielecki

Rynek Starego Miasta 27
PL-00-272 WARSAW

T. 48-22-8310607/48-22-6359138
F. 48-22-8310607



The Warsaw Autumn (Warszawska Jesien) is a festival with a long history an enormous tradition, and can be called a witness to history. It is the only festival in Poland on an international scale and with an international status, dedicated to contemporary music. For many years, it was the only event of this kind in Central and Eastern Europe. It is still, however, a living organism: it develops and thrives to the extent that the Polish cultural budget (0.33 %) and the general state of music allow it to. The Festival is organized by the Polish Composers' Union (Zwiazek Kompozytorów Polskich). The Repertoire Committee, which is in turn appointed by the Board of the Union, determines the program of each particular festival. Scroll to member's Calendar > Scroll to member's News >

Member's News

The 61st Warsaw Autumn Festival 20-30 September 2018

September 2018, Warsaw

59th IFCM "Warsaw Autumn" 16-25 September 2016
Operatic Inspirations

59th IFCM "Warsaw Autumn" 16-25 September 2016

September 2016, Warsaw

Member's Calendar

Type Date Name Location

Festival 20 – 30 Sep 2015 Warsaw Autumn Warsaw (POL)
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