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ALEX NOWITZ wins 2nd ECPNM Europea Competition for Live-Electronic Music Projects 2009


ALEX NOWITZ wins 2nd ECPNM European Competition for Live-Electronic Music Projects.. More than 40 projects from all over Europe were proposed for the 2nd ECPNM European Competition for Live-Electronic Music Projects. An international jury selected 6 projects; on 4 October they were premiered at the final concert of the ISCM World New Music Days 2009 in Gothenburg. The jury awarded Alex Nowitz (Germany) as winner of the competition. He performed himself in his work "Minotaurus" (for singer/performer, live-el. gestural controllers).

The following works were selected for this final:
Anne Parlevliet (Netherlands) - "Open" for piano & live-electronics
Katarina Glowicka (Netherlands/Poland) - "Turbulence" for piano, live-electronics & video
Panayiotis Kokoras (Greece) - "Hit the beat" for amplified snare drum and live-electronics
Jan Trützschler (Netherlands) - "Cut" for paper, percussion and electronics
Alex Nowitz (Germany) - "Minotaurus" for singer/performer, live-electronic gestural controllers
Maurits Fennis (Netherlands) - "Proteon", interface, software, algae

Pianist Sonsoles Alonso performed in the works by Anne Parlevliet and Katarina Glowicka, and percussionist Jonny Axelsson performed in the works by Jan Trütschler and Panayiotis Kokoras. For technical reasons the work by Maurits Fennis couldn’t be performed on 4 October. All other works were recorded by Swedish Radio and broadcast some days later.

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