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28th International Review of Composers’ Association of Serbia

Belgrade, October 2019


IN THE NET – ideas, memories, imaginations
CALL for Scores
All submissions should employ the following performing forces:

1) Ensemble of 9–15 instruments ad libitum
2) Piano and accordion
3) Organ solo or Organ and a combination of 1–6 instruments/performers ad libitum
4) Two pianos
5) Ensemble of 1–5 instruments ad libitum, with or without electronics
6) Double bass and electric Rhodes Piano
Individual authors may submit pieces in multiple categories, but no more than two works in total.
In adherence to the Statute of the International Review of Composers, only works written over the past three years will be considered. Eligible applicants include authors, performers, associations, and national author societies.
The deadline for competition applications is 15 October 2018 (CET).

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