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The ECPNM is the European union of organizations concerned with the promotion of contemporary music, especially music composed after 1950. Among its 30 members are famous festivals of contemporary music as well as small local concert organizers and new music ensembles. Its aim is to improve the international cooperation and the coordination of new music events in Europe.
The international exchange of ideas and experiences at meetings and symposiums.
Symposiums where subjects connected with new music are dealt with, contribute to find new solutions on an international level without neglecting specific regional characteristics. In the framework of the annual General Assemblies symposiums are organised with themes such as "East meets West", "The future of new music festivals", "Audio Art", etc. The ECPNM is an Associate Member of the EFA - European festivals Association. Here joint meetings are organised in which the Ars Nova-working group discusses experiences in contemporary music, theatre and dance, and further cooperation and axchanges. The ECPNM is also a member of the EMC - European Music Council, and is closely related to the ISCM and IAMIC. Thus the ECPNM is always looking for international partners to serve the cause of contemporary music in the best way.

International exchange of information
By mail, at meetings, but especially through the Internet a lot of information about contemporary composers, compositions and activities is exchanged. By links to organisations such as International Society for Contemporary Music or MICs huge resources of detailed background information is available.

Publicity of activities all over Europe
A Calender of New Music Events is published once a year. The Calender gives a survey of the festivals, concerts and other events organized by members. Included is also an agenda with the dates of all European new music events.

The Executive Committee of the ECPNM consists of:

Helmut W. Erdmann (Germany) - chairman
Giovanni Trovalusci (Italy), Miguel Azguime (Portugal) - members
Henk Heuvelmans (the Netherlands) - secretary-general

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