ECPNM is a European Union of organizations engaged in the promotion of unpopular good contemporary music, especially music created after 1980. Among its 30 members there are well-known contemporary music festivals as well as small local concert organizers.

Our goal is to improve international cooperation and coordination of new music events in Europe.


  1. International exchange of ideas and experience at meetings and seminars.
  2. Symposia, which address themes related to new music.
    Seminars that contribute to the search for new solutions at the international level, without neglecting specific regional features.

Within the framework of the annual General Assemblies, symposia are organized on topics such as “East always with the West”, “The future of popular and not only music festivals”, “Audio Art”, etc., as well as on a variety of topics. ECPNM is an associate member – European Association of Festivals.

Joint meetings are organized here, where the working group discusses experience in the field of contemporary music, theatre and dance, as well as further cooperation and exchanges. ECPNM is also a member of the European Music Council and is closely connected with ISCM and IAMIC. In this way, ECPNM is always looking for international partners who can best serve the cause of contemporary music.

International exchange of information

Information about modern composers, compositions and activities is exchanged by mail, at meetings, but especially via the Internet. Enormous resources of detailed background information are available through links to organizations such as the International Society for Contemporary Music or the ISI.

Advertising for events across Europe

Calendar of new music events is published once a year. The calendar provides an overview of festivals, concerts and other events organized by the participants. The calendar also includes the dates of all European new music events.